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Exams Departure



Departure information

You have to inform the International Office about the day of your departure in advance (at least two weeks earlier) so your documents can prepared before you leave.

Final documents

In order to receive the final documents Erasmus+ students have to deliver the following documents to the International Office:


The recognition of your mobility achievements will be documented in the final documents (courses, marks, ECTS). In order to receive the document you need to deliver the Exam Results Slip with other aboved mentioned documents to International Office. The final documents will contain the information about the course (either semeser or whole academic year), local marks and their equivalents in ECTS grading scale (5,5-A, 5-B, 4,5 -C, 4-D, 3-E, 2-F) together with the grade distribution table, number of ECTS points.   


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