Moving around the city

public transport and bikes


Long distance travels

Railway stations

There are two main railway stations in the city: Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska. Fabryczna station usually operates connections to the south and to the east (including Warsaw), while it is easier to leave north- and westbound from Kaliska station. A connection search engine in English is available at . Usually, the farther you travel, the less you pay per one km; for example, a no-discount journey to Warsaw costs around 25-30 zł, while to Cracow (twice as far) – 40 zł.

Coach station

The main coach station is located just in front of Łódź Fabryczna railway station. Travelling by coach is often more comfortable and sometimes faster (excluding Warsaw).

It’s better to buy tickets in advance as coaches tend to be crowded, so if you wait until the last minute there might be no more free seats.

Reduced Tickets

Students get a 30% discount for railway and coach networks, and the discount for local transport is 50%,
so always remember to have your student card with you!


Reymont Airport is a small urban airport located in the southwestern suburbs. It offers a wide range of connections to the British Islands as well as flights to Dortmund and Tel Aviv.


tram in Lodz


Local transport

* buy a ticket in a newsstand near your tram / bus stop
* punch the ticket just after entering a tram / bus
* date and time will be printed on the ticket
* tickets are valid only within the time printed on them
– you can change trams / buses during the given time
* you might be asked to show a valid ticket by a controller
* delays are not rare, so be prepared to show some patience
* remember to offer your seat to elderly people (who would often demand it anyway ;)

tram map [PDF]
bus map [PDF]
night bus map [PDF]

Where to buy tickets?

In newsstands and kiosks near bus and tram stops. Monthly tickets are called ‘migawka’. You can buy them only at special points run by the public transport operator. One of them is close to the Academy building – next to the tram stop at the large crossroads.

Tram line 6

This is the line you are likely to use most often as it connects the Academy with the city center, passing near the Dormitory and going all along Piotrkowska Street.

Night buses

Run regularly every 30 minutes, from 10pm to 5am. The lines connect all the districts with the city centre where you can change your bus if needed. The transfer stop is located in Kościuszki Av., between Zielona St. and 6-Sierpnia St. If you don’t have tickets with you, you can buy one from the driver – it would be valid only in the bus where you bought it, regardless of the time printed on it.

Daily, weekly&monthly tickets

Reduced prices for students:
10 minutes = 0.85 zł
30 minutes = 1.20 zł
60 minutes = 1.80 zł
120 minutes = 2.40 zł
1 day (24h) = 4.80 zł
3 days = 10 zł
1 week = 15 zł
2 weeks = 29 zł

1 month = 28 zł for one line or 44 zł for all lines
4 months = 85 zł for one line or 150 zł for all lines
5 months = 106 zł for one line or 186 zł for all lines


by bike in Lodz


By bike

Get a bike!

You can buy a new bike in a bike shop or a hypermarket. To get a second-hand bike you should either visit the market in Bałucki Rynek or the car market (every Sunday in Lodowa St.). The latter is far away from the Academy – take the tram line 3 from Manufaktura (direction Augustów, 12 stops). You can get a second-hand bike for about 100 zł.

Check in the internet... and are websites that provide information on bicycle paths all around the world. Simply put ‘Lodz’ in the search engine and pick up the right track for you!

Where to go?

The number of bicycle paths in Łódź is limited, but constantly growing. Bike is a good means of transport in the city centre - especially along Piotrkowska St. and in Manufaktura.
Go along Piotrkowska St. up to the ‘Biała Fabryka’ or turn into Tymienieckiego St. to get to Księży Młyn – a beautifully preserved industrial complex from the 19th century. Łagiewniki Forest is not far away from the Academy and the Dormitory. For a a longer ride, try to reach the Landscape Park north-eastwards of the city. On the opposite side of Łódź there’s a big park called Zdrowie (in Polish: ‘health’) with a ZOO, amusement park and botanical garden.


train station

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