Entertain yourself with friends

student entertainment in Lodz




* these are places where you can party more actively
than in a pub ;) they organise concerts, disco,
stand-up comedies, karaoke or theme parties

* you may become an object of door selection (usually,
people who are too drunk or behave agressively won’t get inside) or have to pay entrance fee

* people usually start clubbing after 8pm and the later
it gets, the harder it is to find a free table, especially
at weekends, so it pays off to reserve seats earlier
by phone



Wytwórnia - music and festival club that organises concerts, exhibitions, theatre and film shows, located in the buildings formerly used as film studios
29 Łąkowa St.

Elektrownia - huge club (with HollyŁódź Restaurant) for as many as 1000 people, divided into 3 floors with different music style on each. Ladies enter free, gentlemen pay 15-20 zł.
Fri and Sat from 9pm

Łódź Kaliska - the most famous club of the city, established by an artistic group called Łódź Kaliska (like the railway station). Although the cream of society parties here, it’s a nice place for everybody. Girls, check out the famous toilet with a two-way mirror!
In summer from 12am, in winter from 4pm
112 Piotrkowska St.



* pubs are the most popular places for spending
evenings with friends, especially if you just
want to chat and drink beer

* at weekends, it might be hard to find a place to sit
in pubs along Piotrkowska St. after 8pm

* almost every pub has a different, stylish interior
some of Łódź pubs have dance floors, but for places specialised in dancing check our club list

* at weekends, there are concerts in many pubs,
sometimes you might have to pay some entrance fee (5-30 zł)

* beer is definitely the main drink! Its price varies from
4 to 9 zł for half a liter. Snacks (crisps, peanuts) are usually much more expensive than in stores. Some pubs offer toasts, French fries or sandwiches.

* music in pubs and clubs is usually loud, so prepare
to shout if you want to have a conversation...

* be prepared for cigarette smoke – until now, only
few pubs have non-smoking areas

* in summer, all pubs in Piotrkowska St. open so-called ‘beer-gardens’ – light, canopied structures allowing
you to have a drink outside in the street


Przechowalnia - unofficial pub of art and film students with concerts, stand-up comedy, meetings with artists and slide shows.
Wed, Thu 5pm-12pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am
corner of Kościuszki Av. and 6-Sierpnia St.

Manufaktura - club called Elektrownia

Dekompresja - one of the stages in the city, hosting famous Polish bands. The club also organises cultural events and runs a pizzeria; unfortunately, the neighbourhood is not the safest one.
Open from 4 pm till 12pm, on Fri and Sat till 3am
200 Limanowskiego St.

Siódemki - began as a student club back in 1958. Concerts, stand-up comedy, discussion panels with politicians, large screen for sport events.
Disco free on Wed, Thu and Sun, on Fri and Sat entrance fee (8-12 zł).
Everyday from 5pm
77 Piotrkowska St.

Ego - exclusively looking interiors combined with awesome lighting and music: house, 80s, 90s; door selection, entrance usually around 10 zł; you obtain a bracelet in one of three colours, depending on the purpose of your visit ;)
Fri and Sat from 9pm
14 Piłsudskiego Av.

Rezydencja - extraordinary interiors designed in eclectic style; free entrance, door selection, house music.
From 10pm to 5am
80 Piotrkowska St.

Zapiecek - for travellers, tramps and folk enthusiasts, with concerts and slide shows. You can have toasts, scrumbled eggs, French fries.
Everyday from 4pm
43 Piotrkowska St. in the courtyard

Jazzga - for jazz lovers – jazz and blues concerts, exhibitions, recently also disco parties.
Open everyday 12am-12pm, at weekends until 3am
17 Piotrkowska St., in the courtyard
Biblioteka - for those who enjoy drinking in a nice, librarian atmosphere. On Weds students get beer for 3.5 zł. Obligatory cloakroom.
Mon-Fri from 10am, Sat from 12am, Sun from 4pm
corner of Kościuszki Av. and Struga St.

Cafe Foto 102 - for photography & film lovers. Smooth jazz, jazz sessions, photo exhibitions, slide shows. Official pub of the Fotofestiwal, which is held in May.
From 12am to 1am, Fri-Sat until 3 am
102 Piotrkowska St., in the courtyard

Irish Pub for Irish and those who think they should have been born Irish ;) A pub and a restaurant in one,
organising concerts too.
From 12am to 1am, Fri-Sat till 2am
77 Piotrkowska St.

Piotrkowska street at night

Czekolada - also a restaurant; door selection, entrance fee (5-10 zł).
Open Wed-Sat from 9pm
55 Piotrkowska St.

Kontrasty - art cafe and gallery during the day and
posh party club at night, Wi-Fi; door selection, age limit over 20.
Open Tue-Sun from 4pm
14 Piłsudskiego Av.

Bagdad Cafe - during daytime is a pub filled up with university students, drinking coffee in breaks between
classes, at night turns into a DJ kingdom ;) Frequent reggae parties.
Open everyday from 11am
45 Jaracza St. (Stiller Villa)

Paparazzi - a chain of night bars - you can find them in other Polish cities, too; organises disco parties.
Open Mon-Sat 12am-1am, Sun 12am-10pm

Dublin Pub - another Irish pub, but with a bar on
a terrace, adjacent to Belfast Bar (10pm-6am) where you can make use of the dancefloor. On Wednesdays you can learn salsa, on Thursdyas – sing karaoke, at weekends – disco. Pub serves Irish meals.
Open everyday from 4pm
corner of Kościuszki Av. and Struga St.

Gniazdo Piratów - a tavern for fans of sailing who like to sing and drink grog (vodka or rum with lemon,
orange, cinnamon and hot juice)
52 Żeromskiego St.

Party people ;)

Heaven - huge disco club, with such attractions as fashion shows or Playboy models ;)
Open Thu-Sat from 9pm
14 Piłsudskiego Av.

OIOM - ambitious electro, techno and house
6 Komuny Paryskiej Sq.

Soda - house-style club.
Thu 8pm-2am, Fri and Sat 10pm-6am
4a Moniuszki St.

Flow - hip hop and other black music. Ladies enter free, gentlemen pay 5-10 zł.
Wed, Fri, Sat from 9pm
14 Piłsudskiego Av. (hip hop store at 81 Piotrkowska St.)

Fever - ‘Saturday Night Fever’ style for everybody who loves the music of the 1970s and 1980s; Mediterranean cuisine; free entrance.
Everyday from 12am

Cafe Wolność - a place with a lot of cultural events events like exhibitions and film shows; a good starting point due to its location at Wolności Sq.
From 11am till 11pm, on weekends - till the last guest

Rolling Stone - English-style pub where you can also eat; situated in a quiet street, next to Piotrkowska St., it’s seldom overcrowded.
From 1pm, on weekends from 4pm
6 Moniuszki St.

Bar Anna - a good place to travel back to the times of
1 Tuwima St., operating since 1912!

Improwizacja - jazz lounge bar, you can take part in a jam session and eat basic Polish meals
17 Stefanowskiego St. (next to Exhibition Hall) www.improwizacja.eu

Iron Horse for motorcycle & rock music lovers, you can play billiards there
Corner of Sienkiewicza St. and Tuwima St.

Łódź by night

DeMoDe - crazy events in post-industrial space, electronic music, often experimental, and performances. Thu-Sun from 8pm
83 Wólczańska St.

Klub 19 - club and cafe, exhibitions and parties from Thu to Sat; happy hour between 5 and 7pm; Wi-Fi.
Everyday from 12am to 3am
19 Jaracza St.

Stereo Krogs - blues, rock and alternative concerts, jam sessions, darts contests, a lot of free events.
Everyday from 4pm
8 Zielona St.

Kokoo - often visited by foreigners; electro, funky, house; door selection, age limit over 21.
Fri and Sat from 10pm
1 Moniuszki St.

Lizard King - two-storey pub for rock, blues and jazz fans, concerts on weekends; simple meals served.
Open everyday from 4pm
62 Piotrkowska St. (you can’t miss it as there’s a huge neon guitar above the entrance)

Szafa - organises concerts and exhibitions, Wednesdays - jam sessions, Thursdays - salsa evenings.
Everyday from 3pm
10 Rewolucji St.

Mi-2 - for skydivers and other aviation freaks. There’s
a helicopter inside the pub! They serve good coffee and tasty milkshakes, you may also order a pizza from the Extreme pizzeria downstairs. There’s an internet cafe, too.
41 Narutowicza St.

Peron - is a so-called ‘beer house’ where you can taste dozens of beer species.
Everyday from 12am, on Sun from 4pm 6 Piotrkowska St. in the courtyard

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