Sightseeing in Poland

sightseeing Lodz



Łódź Hills
Landscape Park

North-East, 18km
» natural landscape reservation for walks and bike rides
30 minutes: bus line 88 from ASP northbound
1h: by bike from the ASP


North, 40km
» medieval town with a royal castle, knight tournaments
old churches and Festival of Film Trailers
» romanesque cathedral, one of Poland’s oldest, in the village of Tum nearby
1h: by coach from Łódź Fabryczna station

Łowicz, Nieborów & Arkadia

North-West, 54km
» old residence town of Archbishops
» numerous churches and monasteries, museums
» unique, triangle market square
» the area around Łowicz is famous for its rich, colourful folk costumes, paper cut-outs and wooden architecture
1.5h: by coach from Łódź Fabryczna station

» splendid baroque palace with a large park in Nieborów
» English-style, large romantic park with artificial ruins in Arkadia
2h: by coach to Łowicz and 30 min by bus from there



North, 163km
» one of the richest cities of preindustrial Poland with a preserved medieval urban structure and architectural heritage, a UNESCO World Heritage site
» home city of Nicolaus Copernicus
» Old Town with a gothic town hall, churches, residential houses and granaries
» Planetarium and Orbitarium – a ravishing presentation of the sky and its mysteries
» Leaning Tower – a medieval defence tower, today a pub with a souvenir shop.
2.5-3h: by train from Łódź Kaliska station
3h: by coach from Łódź Fabryczna station


Warszawa (Warsaw)

North-East, 135km
» Poland’s capital city since 1596, symbolic for its tragic fate during World War II – suffered heavy fights during 1939 defence war, 1943 Ghetto Uprising and 1944 Warsaw Uprising, and had its center deliberately destroyed by the Nazis afterward
» Old Town, New Town and Royal Route – historical ensembles of the city with valuable churches, palaces and residential houses; turned into ashes 1944, almost completely rebuilt, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
» National Museum with a collection of the greatest
Polish artists |
» Poster Museum |
» Contemporary art: Zachęta, Centre for Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art | | |
» Royal Castle with interiors, raized to the ground 1944,
rebuilt 1971-1988
» Zamkowy Square with the Column of king Sigismund III, 1644
» Palace of Culture and Science, opened 1955, is still the highest building in Poland; erected as a gift from the Soviet Union, for a long time a symbol of Soviet dominance, now protected as architectural heritage
» Wilanów – splendid baroque royal residence, located in the southern suburbs
» Łazienki – royal summer residence complex, with a grand park and neo-classical Palace on the Water
» Warsaw Rising Museum – interactive museum commemorating the epic uprising against the Germans of August 1944, which ended in complete destruction of central Warsaw and over 200,000 deads
» Praga – run-down 19th century district on another side of Vistula river; more and more popular with artists and alternative clubs
1.5h: by train from Łódź Fabryczna station


North-West, 203km
» main city of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region, state’s political centre in the early middle ages
» Cathedral – Poland’s oldest cathedral, with tombs of the first kings
» Old Town with a reneissance Town Hall
» the Royal-Imperial Route showing city’s history and culture
» Imperial Castle, finished 1910 for German Emperor William II
4.5h by coach from Łódź Fabryczna or train from Łódź Kaliska


South-West, 210km
» main city of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia) region, traditionally the most Western-oriented city of today’s Poland
» medieval Old Town with a gothic Town Hall and numerous old churches
» Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) – the oldest part of the city with a gothic church
» Panorama Racławicka – monumental, 360-degree battle-piece, produced 1893-94 by several famous Polish painters |
» Architecture Museum – the only one in Poland
» Centennial Hall – masterpiece of early modernist architecture by Max Berg, built 1911-13 (since 2006 UNESCO heritage site)
4h: by coach from Łódź Fabryczna or train from Łódź Kaliska


South, 245km
» Auschwitz-Birkenau – the largest concentration and death camp built by Nazi Germany during the World War II, today a UNESCO World Heritage site and memorial
5.5h: by train from Łódź Kaliska (change in Częstochowa)


Lublin & Zamość

South-East, 245km
» Lublin - the biggest city of Eastern Poland
» Old Town with a well-preserved atmosphere of a Polish pre-industrial city
» Cathedral from late 16th century, one of World’s oldest baroque churches outside Italy
» Castle with gothic parts
» medieval city gates with the Cracow Gate - a visual symbol of the city

» 60 km from Lublin: Zamość, an ‘ideal city’ founded in the late 16th century by a Polish magnate Zamoyski and designed by Italian architect Bernardo Morano; one of World’s best preserved examples of renaissance urban design, UNESCO World Heritage site.

5h: by coach from Łódź Fabryczna,


South, 262km
» for many centuries capital of Poland, until now considered to be its cultural capital
» medieval Old Town with historical urban structure and the Main Market Square – one of the largest in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage site
» Royal Castle - situated on the Wawel Hill, splendid renaissance residence of the Polish kings with a masterpiece chapel holding their tombs
» gothic St Mary’s Basilica at the Main Market Square, with the World’s biggest gothic altar by Veit Stoss and the famous, suddenly-stopping bugle call played from its tower every hour
» Kazimierz – well preserved former Jewish district of Cracow with synagogues, churches and cemeteries; famous for its galleries, cafes and night life
» National Museum – one of Poland’s best collections of historical art
5.5h by coach from Łódź Fabryczna
5h by train from Łódź Kaliska,


South, 274km
» medieval salt mine – one of the oldest mines of rock salt in the world; a truly underground palace with richly decorated chambers and salt lakes; a UNESCO World Heritage site
0.5h by train or coach from Kraków

Tatra mountains in summer

North, 325km
» magnificent castle of the Teutonic Knights from the late 13th cent. one of the greatest gothic ensembles in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site – take a sightseeing tour with a guide
» gothic town hall, churches and city gates
» many historical reenactment events
Alas, there’s no direct connection to Malbork, you can take a train and change in Tczew - it can last for more than 8h, though. Car recommended

Zakopane & Tatry

South, 359km
» Zakopane – town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, known as the winter capital of Poland and famous for its folk culture
» Tatra – Poland’s highest mountain range with Rysy Mountain (2499 m above the sea level), alpine landscape and many trekking routes
» Gubałówka – hill with a stunning panorama over Tatra, you can get there by a funicular
» Kasprowy – 1987 m high mountain with an awesome panorama over the whole Tatry range, accessible with a cable car
7.5h by coach from Łódź Fabryczna


North, 365km
» The biggest and richest city of pre-18th century Poland and its main port
» Old Town with the Long Market, splendid churches and residential houses strongly influenced by the Dutch and Flemish baroque architecture; completely destroyed in 1945, rebuilt
» Długa St. (the Long Lane) – the most representative street of the city
» Town Hall – monumental gothic building, today City Museum
» St. Mary’s Church – magnificent gothic basilica, World’s largest brick church
6h by coach from Łódź Fabryczna


Tatra mountains in winter

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