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Well, about my stay in Lodz... What can I say except for that I loved every bit of it? Which is why I stayed for a second semester. The Polish people I met were very nice, warm and helpful. The Academy was very inspiring and I really appreciated all the technical possibilities it offered. The professors were great to work with, too, and they really helped me a lot with my projects.

And as for the city itself... Well, you have to get to know Lodz to really appreciate it. It has quite a few great places, and a charm of it's own.

Alexandra (Romania, 2009/2010)



Lodz, chameleon city. You can find what you're looking for (except for the sea!)

If you are depressive, the city will also be like you. Old, dirty, untidy… You can become a part of it easely.

But if you are cheerful, the city also gets like you. Full of green, huge parks, trees, flowers, vernissages, exhibitions, festivals…

And I loved my room, just to sit there and watch the snow outside:) There was too much of it for me actually! :P

And I loved the academy. I think it is really big. I lost my way many times in these long corridors.

I will never forget my first day in Lodz. I didn't have any friend or even a map. I had just a Turkish-Polish conversation booklet. I showed a sentence “how can I go to the city center?” to one lady working in a cukiernia. Oh, that old lovely lady. She couldn't speak English but she called her sun who was able to. I asked him on the phone, he asked his mother, we passed the phone hand to hand with the lady 4 times :) and then she gave me a cookie. After that incident, I said to myself “Wow, Polish people are cool, ha! It's gonna be good to stay here!” :) And yes, it was good!

Interesting: elderly people are more helpful than the young ones. Even they can't speak English, they try to help you, but the young no! They just say “ No, no, nie angielski, no English!” and sometimes with a perfect English accent “sorry, I can't speak English!” :)

Erasmus, I couldn't have made a better choice. Sometimes I really felt that “I’m at home!” because of my Erasmus friends.

Thank you very much Poland.

Thank you very much Erasmus…

Derya (Turkey, 2009/2010)



Our stay here was good! The possibility to study here gave us a lot of chances to learn the culture and the art of Poland, to meet new, creative people. We're glad to have been given the opportunity to study in this Academy. Thank you for the exhibition that you made for us, it was a great chance to show our works of the last 4 months and the influence that the Academy has made on our art. We hope that we'll meet you again, here or in Bulgaria.

Thank you for everything.

Yana, Raya & Eleonora (Bulgaria, 2009/2010)




Lodz made me see something that i was use to, it made me see how life is hard and what we need to do to survive everyday cause of all the destrution and all the new constrution that you can see, is a city full of contrast old versus new,classic versus modern. i Grew up a lot during my stay in Lodz,i think that i stop being a young guy to be a young adult,cause you have to be in Lodz to stand all.

About the ASP is just have to say that is the best school that i've work and study since now,i think that your way to think is the best way to teach something to anyone...just let they try and then after teach us where we can improve...less teorical more pratical things....I Love it and that's why i made my best works there :)


Pedro (Portugal, 2009/2010)

João Filipe Marques (Portugal, 2010/2011)

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