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students' survival guide

Student´s Survival Guide

is a pocket-book designed especially for foreign students who decide to study at ASP Łódź. It contains general information about the city of Łódź as well as tips for students of art & design - for example a list of the city's most important galleries, good printing studios or paper & fabric vendors. You can also find some advice on nightlife (descriptions of pubs and clubs), sports and eating out as well as selected monuments, museums, cinemas and festivals held in Łódź. The book includes a map of the city center where all the mentioned placed are indicated and a bike routes scheme, too. Last but not least, you will be able to learn what other places in Poland might be worth visiting during your stay in Łódź.

Download or check it online!

The guide is available as PDF file (5,7MB). You can also use the online version - check the menu on the right!

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